People Are Gay, It’s OK!

Lately, there has been one topic pretty prevalent in my mind: gay rights. This is probably because it’s been frequenting my tumblr a lot recently, and I’m sure I’ll either get a lot of love or a lot of hate (or both) for directly addressing this so soon, but I think it should be addressed. And I think this is the most eloquent photo I have seen with regards to gay rights (gay marriage in particular):


Cause seriously, sorry if you’re opposed to gay marriage, but why the heck are we debating laws about love? Why do people even still need to “protest this shit”? Shouldn’t it be a given that people get to marry who they love?
If you are opposed for religious reasons, then fine, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE GAY. No one (unless they are a really weird kind of sadist or something) is going to force you to marry someone of the same sex if it’s against your religious beliefs, but why can’t others do it? Are we going to make a law banning the establishment of mosques or temples now because that’s against your religion too? An individuals’ religion should have no effect on the rights of a completely separate person.
Also, there are tons of people I’m sure you all love who are, in fact, gay–but opposers to gay marriage aren’t going to patronize them are they? For example:


Now if that’s not the picture of perfection, I don’t know what is. And I know you know who this is because even if you haven’t seen her talk show or the 86th Academy Awards, I know you’ve seen Finding Nemo. To hate gay people, you would have to hate the woman behind the Oscars pizza party or the most record-breaking selfie of all time or, dare I say it, the “just keep swimming” song.
And you know what? The list of smart, beautiful, incredibly talented individuals goes on. Neil Patrick Harris, Jodie Foster, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Queen Latifah, Ellen Page, Raven Symóne, Elton John, and literally countless others deserve to keep their marriage their business. Think they’ll destroy that sacred institution? Here, have another relevant picture.


Now I know there are all kinds of people out there, and I am not saying that if you’re against same-sex marriage you’re a horrible person. I’ve just provided (hopefully) some food for thought. Do with it what you will.

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