Everything You Need to Know About Prom

So recently (last night) I went to my first school prom (woohoo, what a milestone). And I thought I would compile a list, since I seem to be fascinated by lists, of everything you ever really need to know about prom.

1. The Dress
Note that I am a female, and therefore, I am dishing out advice on prom dresses. If you are a male and are looking for info on tuxedos, you have come to the wrong place and I sincerely apologize. So for the dress it depends what people at your school do. At mine, most people wear long dresses for prom, but a few wear short. Either is fine, whichever makes you comfortable! Get one you think is pretty and flattering and comfy, etc. etc. The important thing here is that you can dance in it. DO NOT BE THAT STUPID KID REFUSING TO DANCE. Did you really spend a ton of money on prom to stand in a dimly lit and well dressed room doing nothing?

2. The Group
Who you go with to prom is possibly the most important aspect of going to prom. Remember, you’re going to be hanging out with them for a lot of straight hours! If you have a date, rock on. If you don’t have a date, rock on. Go with just your date, go in a group with several other couples, go in a group with some couples and some singles, go with a whole group of single people. Don’t sweat about not having a date–you could go in a big group of girls (or mixed gender singles or whatever) and have an awesome time! (Plus, dates are overrated [unless maybe you have a steady significant other]. Like I have to hang out with this random person the whole time? I don’t want to babysit some boy all night.)

3. The Transportation
While cars are fun, limos/party buses are REALLY fun. Now I realize not everyone can afford such a thing, and that is understandable (don’t worry, it won’t make or break your prom experience). But if you can get a lot of people, split the price, get a deal, cut down the amount of time the limo is needed, etc. I recommend getting one. And if possible, I recommend a party bus, as it, clearly, brings the party wherever you go (I mean who even needs the actual dance, right?). However, please note that many party buses come with a stripper pole in the middle. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can get one without. If you’re into that, go nuts.┬áJust make sure the windows are very tinted before you get too crazy.

4. The Pictures
The all too important prom pre-requisite includes not only all of the pictures you take, but all of the pictures of others that you Facebook stalk! Sure, it’s fun to spend an hour taking lots of low-quality pictures of two people putting a corsage on each other or a row of dressed up girls in various poses, but it’s MUCH more fun to sit on your computer and look at everyone else’s pictures (of the same things). Why should the party end when you get home?

5. Never Say “Prahm”
You’re not funny.

The rest, my friends, is up to you. Get some dinner, dance the night away, and make good choices! (Even when there are stripper poles involved.)

Submitted with undying love for,
prom, Facebook stalking, party buses, and surviving the night the tween girls fantasize about,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

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