My Senior Year Bucket List

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summers! I actually just have one more final before freedom, so in these last couple days of being a high school junior, I am contemplating what life will be like next year. I am almost a senior, which, despite the grueling college applications and anxiety of hearing back, is supposed to be a pretty important year, I guess. So I have decided to make a sort of bucket list for senior year. (Just so you are aware and don’t think I am 100% lame, I won’t actually be checking back with this list or anything. It’s more for my present entertainment.)

1. Participate in all the Dress-Up Days!
This one has been on my mind for a while, actually. At my school, we have dress up days for Homecoming week, Wish Week (a fundraising week for the Make A Wish foundation), and we also have two different weeks of dress up days for only seniors. These often include country club day, skier day, “senior” citizen day, tacky tourist day, what you want to be in 10 years day, and more! That last one is often the most entertaining because many people like to have fun with it. Being a part of the theater department, lots of people dress homeless. I’ve even seen one girl with a Starbucks apron and a sign reading “want to read my manuscript?”. Obviously, I haven’t been allowed to dress up on senior days (yet) but I am allowed to for Homecoming week and Wish Week. For some days I dress up, but for most, I opt out. However, it is my goal to dress up for every dress up day this year, and I don’t care how ridiculous I look! Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

2. Go to Putt Putt
As I mentioned, we have a Wish Week, where we dress up and raise money for the Make a Wish foundation and the Wish of a Lifetime foundation. Throughout the week there are restaurants who will donate part of the proceeds to it for us and there are a few events at school. One is putt putt golf one night of the week. I have never been in attendance, since it is usually populated by the…er…type of people I don’t associate–excuse me–am not really friends with… But I’ve decided, why not pull together some people I actually like and go for my last year? If only because I’m super curious as to how they transform one of the buildings at my school into a mini golf course. (Will there be a windmill!?!?) And I will do it even if my lack of mini golf skills are laughed off the course (court? field? stage?). Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

3. Go to the Homecoming Pep Assembly
I think most schools have this, so I won’t explain. But for us,the assembly is optional, so most people (at least upper classmen) who are not interested in school spirit (me) or who don’t associate with “pep” (me) or who have a car and can leave and go to Starbucks instead (me) don’t attend. I went my freshman year, but after a pretty uninteresting hour sprinkled with chants of “Go Home Freshman”, I figured I had seen it all. However, I’ll admit that there are some fun events and things they do, I can always just laugh at the cheerleaders/poms team, and they make a big deal about the seniors. So maybe I’ll go and be pampered and indulge in a “Go Home Freshman” or two. Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

4. Be in the Talent Show
During that Wish Week thing I mentioned, there is a school wide talent show, which, for attendees, is basically the only time non-theater kids are caught dead in the theater! Score one for the Thespian cult! I mean troupe! I went my sophomore year, but I have never auditioned, so I figure, why not try my senior year? I’ve got nothing to lose! (Other than my dignity!) However, I’ll definitely try out with one or more other people, so that then I’m not losing my dignity alone. And if it isn’t singing, it’ll be my flawless stand up comedy routine or maybe juggling and unicycling (actually that’s a real act every year–we have a club for it). Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

In a somewhat pathetic turn of events, I have taken the time and energy to think of only four things that I even vaguely want to do next year. Other than get into college of course. So this is where our list ends. But I hope you got a kick out of my unfulfilled high school life thus far. Because what on earth was I doing if I wasn’t playing mini golf in the hallways??

Submitted with undying love for,
(almost) being a senior, dressing up like a mermaid for “what I want to be in 10 years day”, perfecting my juggling routine, and the hatred of pep,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

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