Tips for Relaxing from a Very Stressed Teenager

Welcome to Detox 101: How to Relieve Stress in the opinion of one very stressed out teen. I hope you refer back to this list whenever you need to just chill–because life can be hard. From constant homework to immature peers to interminable AP tests (5 1/2 hours, AP Spanish? Really???) to people who cannot walk in the halls (see post #3: Hallway Horror) to bothersome teachers/bosses to a college search creeping up behind you whenever you check the mail, and more, the life of a high schooler is rough. However, this guide is designed for stress relievers of all ages. So sit back and relax.

1. Light Candles
One of the oldest techniques in the book, but take it from someone who has a counter full of a growing candle collection–it works! I recommend scented ones (my favorites that I own are pine, lavender, and some random gardenia and tuberose thing in a jar). Scented candles make your room smell fabulous, and if you leave them burning for long enough, your room will smell fabulous even after you blow them out. It’s like that dog that follows you home and sits outside your door even after you’ve told it to go home (but you secretly want to keep it). Actually I don’t think that analogy related at all.

2. Drink Tea!
Not just for Brits or old ladies anymore! If you’ve read my About Me section or my Meet Me post, you know I consider myself to be something of a tea aficionado. A lot of people think it doesn’t taste good (I used to agree with you!) but I resolve that you are just not drinking the right ones. There are some really flavorful ones and they are actually so calming. See the Meet Me post for my favorite teas and recommendations.

3. Watch Gossip Girl on Netflix (or another TV show of your choice via the outlet of your choice)
Watching TV is a great way to wind down. We all know that. However, I personally recommend Gossip Girl simply because it is exactly what the readers scoffing at me right now think it is–ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it is utterly, obscenely ridiculous. It is a good de-stressor because you get completely swept up in the complicated lives of “Manhattan’s elite”. They have so many constant and far-fetched problems that you honestly start feeling as if your problems cannot possibly be so all-consuming as the stuff you are witnessing. “Two thumbs up.”

4. Sit Outside and Read a Book
Here comes the chorus of teenagers: “Ew, I don’t read for fun.” Well, you should. Similarly to the TV thing I just mentioned, when you read a book you thoroughly enjoy, you are transported to another world with a whole new score of possibilities, personalities, and adventures. Find somewhere nice (PREFERABLY OUTSIDE IN NATURE SOMEWHERE) and just sit and read. Lay down, nap, sun bathe, lounge, allow yourself to just be. It sounds stupid, but if you do this even for fifteen minutes and rid yourself of all your worries and responsibilities, you will be so much more carefree.

5. Listen to Angry Music
Yes, you read that correctly! It sounds a bit counter productive, but when I am really pissed off, I listen to my “angry music”. (This, for me, includes a lot of Three Days Grace, Skillet, and some other assorted artists. It generally is more “metal” and has a fast beat that I can angrily walk to in the hallway.) While this can sometimes work you up, it also actually does just the opposite. For me, it is a kind of outlet where I can release those emotions just by listening to music that mirrors my feelings. Try it some time. Just for fun.

Some other popular and useful stress relievers include, but are not limited to:
-bubble baths
-blowing bubbles
-hanging out with friends
-punching things (like pillows–please, please don’t punch a wall)
-tequila (JUST KIDDING! Unless you are over the age of 21 that was a total joke!)

I hope you appreciate and draw inspiration from this user-friendly guide. The next time you are feeling stressed, remember to head on over to this website and refer to “Tips for Relaxing from a Very Stressed Teenager”.

Submitted with undying love for,
candles, tea, and Gossip Girl, (my three main loves)
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

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  1. I love your list . Need to get up to speed on Gossip Girl… Have never watched it but I will. Thanks!!!❤

  2. I truly love your blog.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you make this website yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my own personal site and want to learn where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called. Many thanks!

    1. Wow thank you! I bought this website through Word Press but I don’t remember the exact name of the theme. Sorry, but hope that helps!

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