Some Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth

Hello again, dedicated readers!
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Maybe you noticed (or maybe not) that I’ve been a bit AWOL for a couple of weeks. That would be because I have been oh so busy with my bustling schedule, and I was also living on my couch for a week recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. (Can I get a hell yeah!?) If you’ve gotten your wisdom teeth out before, you know it is really only supposed to hurt for a few days. Ah, unless you get dry socket, in which case it will continue to hurt until you go in to see your oral surgeon! He or she will then pack it (don’t ask me what “it” is, I am just as clueless as you) with medicated gauze, which numbs and heals the back of your mouth, which has been causing aching throughout your jaw and general face. Sounds fun, right?

Excellent guess–no.

So I’ve been glued to Netflix watching a weird mixture of Hannah Montana episodes (judge me if you want) and Orange is the New Black (DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS). And I thought I would compile a helpful list of the Top 7 Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Surgery, or as I like to call it, The Top 7 Mushy Foods That Also Taste Good When Bedridden.

1. Chocolate Pudding
Or whatever flavor you want I suppose. But pudding is a delicious snack that requires zero chewing. Bonus: You don’t have to open your mouth very wide to eat a spoonful of it!

2. Jello
Very similar to pudding. Pick your favorite flavor and go nuts. Bonus: You can entertain yourself watching the Jello jiggle!

3. Gogurt
I am partial to Gogurt but yogurt is just fine too. However, Gogurt is funner and easier to eat in the state your mouth will be in. Just don’t accidentally squeeze too hard and send it flying everywhere. (Nooo, that didn’t happen to me, psshhh, what, don’t be silly…) Bonus: Get the kind with the questions and the answers that reveal themselves when you finish!

4. Mac n’ Cheese
I recommend Kraft, as that stuff is literal magic in a box, but whatever brand you feel works. It’s soft enough to eat, yet not so mushy that you feel like you’re nine months old and trying to eat mashed carrots again. Bonus: You can get it in fun shapes!

5. Ice Cream
My favorite flavor is Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy. Seriously, that stuff cures all ailments. But whichever flavor you choose will work wonders, as it’s soft, yummy, and literally melts in your mouth. I’m not ashamed to say that I ate a full pint in about three days. Bonus: It has the added effect of being cold, which can help numb your mouth!

6. Milkshakes
Part drink, part food. Everybody wins! Bonus: You aren’t supposed to use straws for a week after surgery, so milkshakes are thick enough that you don’t lose anything by eating them with a spoon!

7. Soup
Don’t choose any with lots of things to chew. I like vegetable because those things to chew are all soft after being cooked. But most soups will do the trick! Bonus: Salty soups are basically just like doing one of those salt water rinses that you’re supposed to do post surgery! (Ok, maybe not quite.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you are fully prepared for your next wisdom teeth surgery, or if you’ve already gone through that, the surgery of a loved one. Until next time!

Submitted with undying love for,
soft foods, Netflix, Ben and Jerry’s, and being a person again now that my dry socket is gone,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

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