The Trouble with Teenagers

Here’s the thing.

You know those assumptions adults tend to make about teenagers? We’re all bad drivers. We’re irresponsible. We drink illegally and smoke drugs off the wazoo.  And don’t even get them started on our manners. You know what? They’re not true.

I mean, sure, those assumptions are all a little true. There are several teenagers who shouldn’t be driving, lots who drink/smoke, and tons who are irresponsible. But couldn’t the same be said of adults?

Ask any teenager–we are tired of being treated like a.) children, b.) felons, or c.) time bombs that are bound to go off at any second. We just want to be treated as people, and furthermore, as adults, if you could manage it, because for the most part, we act like it. And I would say that adults are starting to realize this. They are beginning to abandon their petty assumptions about our irrational behavior. But here’s where the trouble with teenagers flares up–someone goes along and proves one of those assumptions. Runs a red light, fails to study for a test, gets caught raiding the liquor cabinet, or disrespects authority. I don’t know, you name it, they do something to send adults’ trust plummeting once more.

As much as I want teenagers to prove their maturity, I just can’t uphold my faith in them when even a few do stupid things over and over again.

Example: Last night, someone (or a few someones most likely) came up my street and hit a few of the mailboxes with a baseball bat before moving onto a street a few blocks over from mine. Now of course, this could have been anyone. But–and here comes the trouble with teenagers again–how often have you heard of adults doing that? Smashing mailboxes with baseball bats is a crime that my generation thought of–those rascals.

Now once again, no one wants my generation to succeed and own up more than I do, but it is situations like this when I sigh and shake my head at the people I call my peers.

I would also like to take this time to address the mailbox whackers, not they will ever read this, I’m sure, but you never know. This shout out goes to those mindless behemoths who, instead of watching a movie or playing a quiet game of Monopoly or something (like a civilized person), decided, “Hey! I know what we can do! Let’s take this baseball bat and hit stuff! Other people’s property even!” probably met with choruses of “YEAH!!!!”.

Well. Thank you for, what, increasing the aesthetic beauty of our mailbox? Reminding us who’s boss? Exercising your swingin’ arm? Breaking in your new bat? Excellent work. You cracked our mailbox quite nicely! But next time you are feeling vapid and in need of entertainment, might I suggest playing with a ball of yarn or something instead? I’m sure that could fill the black hole in your brain just as well.

Submitted with undying love for,
acting like a mature human being, waking up to the police at my door asking about the value of my mailbox, and Generation X,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken


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