Laugh Like a Crazy Person

Few things are better in this world than a really good laugh.

I’m talking side-splitting, belly-shaking, tear-inducing laughter. The kind where you can not stop and people are just kind of sitting there, uncomfortably waiting for you to STOP LAUGHING ALREADY and finish your thought. The kind that is often loud, never cute. As in you literally turn away or look down or cover your face because it’s that bad. You know the one.

Now when it comes to side-splitting, belly-shaking, tear-inducing laughter, it is best shared with others. I hope it is clear that when you laugh like this alone, you simply look deranged. Now close your eyes (no, AFTER you read this part, silly) and imagine someone laughing like this while you absolutely do not get the joke. Like seriously, nothing was funny. Or worse yet, someone laughing like this alone, as in they are quite literally all alone. Deranged right?

But when you share this crazed laughter with even one other person, it is one of the best feelings on the planet. To know that you are both in on this joke, this one thing that probably was not even that funny, but you are both left reeling and making that strangled “oh” noise after the laughter dies out. To know that you made someone laugh that hard or that someone made you laugh that hard is fantastic.

Furthermore, I thoroughly believe that laughing really hard with someone else strengthens your bond with that person (or people). It creates memories and it brightens your day. It also adds years to your life and all that jazz.

Moral of the story: don’t just laugh more; laugh like a crazy person more.

Submitted with undying love for,
laughing, crying, and being in on the joke,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

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