Criss Cross Applesauce

Today was a good day.

Why? Because for my last week of high school (what?), we have senior dress up days, and today was Kindergarten Day. I got to dress like a six-year old. I got to carry around a teddy bear. All day. My friends and I got kids meals for lunch. I ate a PB&J and drank chocolate milk. I smiled. A lot. I got to be a little kid.

The reasons why this is appealing are obvious. Little kids have more fun. They have no responsibilities except to keep their rooms clean (maybe), no stress except for about what they want for lunch (PB&J), and no fears except for the dark (which is scary). All a kindergartener has to do is have fun. Play with their friends. Go to soccer practice or Girl Scouts. Probably learn to read or spell a big word. As we age, our worries increase exponentially. We forget how we were as children. We look back fondly on days gone by, reminiscing nostalgically that those days are gone. It’s time to go finish that project or pay that bill or run that errand. And where did I put those keys…

It’s true, in many ways we can never be quite like we were as little kids. And why should we? The world has more and more to offer as we age too. But we should strive to maintain the way we saw the world as children. As new and magical and wonderful and exciting. And why should the loss of innocence equate to a loss of spontaneity? It’s fun sometimes to throw on your overalls and go to a park instead of studying. It’s invigorating to rip off your shoes and play in the rain rather than sprinting, head down, to your car. It’s important to hug your old teddy bear and remember that everything is going to be okay.

In today’s society, we are constantly put under pressure, judged on our appearance and our lifestyle, scrutinized from all angles, and worried about each little thing we do/how it will be perceived. Isn’t it time we shook that off? Of course, those things never fully go away, but it’s fun to pretend. And it’s possible to at least make them fade a bit. When was the last time you wore overalls or played in the rain or hugged a teddy bear?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

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being a kid, kindergarten day, overalls, rain, teddy bears, letting go of worries, being spontaneous, and four more days of high school,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

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  1. This is the greatest post ever ! Cheers to jumping in mud puddles, riding roller coasters and popping balloons !
    I love being a kid every now and then!!!

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