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Hi friends!

I just wanted to take to the internet to say, if you have any ideas or anything you want to read about, leave me a comment OR email me at! I would love your feedback and requests for topics, posts, etc. So go on, put your thinking caps on!

Submitted with undying love for,
feedback from ya’ll, Passover (I’m Jewish, remember?), and the weekend,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

A Disorganized Rant on Feminism

Greetings friends! Salutations! Long time, no post!

I decided, since I have had a super rough week, that a bit of a rant is in order. So in this fun little virtual rant, I will be discussing the under estimation and under appreciation of women. Yay! Feminism! I’m basic!

Now I generally do not identify as a feminist, but I was having a discussion earlier with a friend of mine about it, and I have decided that you will put up with my temporary feminist rant, dammit! (Or, you will become annoyed with me and turn off your computer. Either one.)

If you have read the About Me tab on this blog, you have noticed that I love theater. I am super involved in theater at my school, but I don’t just act, I also do technical theater even more. I am on construction crew, so I build sets and move set pieces during scene changes in the show. In case you are wondering, no, our sets are not made of cardboard, Scotch tape, and Elmer’s glue. They are made of wood that we cut with a variety of large electric saws and put together with drills and screws. Sometimes we use metal, foam, and other materials and sometimes we use real drywall like in your house. Sets can often be 16 feet or so high. My point? It’s pretty legit.

So construction crew is made up of mostly males, with a pretty good amount of females, but I am one of only a few really dedicated girls on crew. Furthermore, although this is my eighth show on construction crew and I am one of two heads of the crew, a boy could come along for his first time on crew and it may as well be his twentieth. Girls are given easier jobs and it is assumed that we are incapable of doing anything requiring physical labor. Need to lift something? Oh gee, we better find some guys to do it! Wouldn’t want to have these sweet little girls pulling a muscle or something! Oh, you need a job? Um, why don’t you just help me hold this or go paint that. This is far too much work for you. I’m just trying to look out for you!


Here’s a headline: girls are just as capable, if not more capable, as boys in every subject area. Sure, maybe boys can occasionally bulk up more, play football better, lift more weight, and/or climb the rope higher in gym class. But if girls decided to work out as much or work on their strength training like guys did, we could just as easily do the exact same things.

The point is, if a girl is willing to help you lift that heavy thing, let her freaking lift it! Give her all the hard jobs! She is perfectly willing and able to do something and to be useful. You are not better. You are not stronger. There is no secret man quota that we missed.

I know it seems like I am just spewing hatred and indignation, which in a way, I am. But I think that despite all “progress” we have made towards “equality”, men are still appreciating women only for their sexiness. But we are strong, independent women who don’t need no men!

So, the next time you are about to under estimate and/or under appreciate a girl, don’t. Do not, under any circumstances, baby her. You are equals. And yes, I would like to lift that.

Submitted with undying love for,
disorganized rants, feminism, being a manly man, being a fierce and fiery woman, being basic, and saying screw you to men,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken



What Up with the Signoff?

Hello there friends, readers, women, men, children, toddlers, teens, tweens, elderlies, and esteemed infants everywhere (I think I got everyone),

Though I have not actually been asked about it, I know for a fact that at least a couple people have read this blog and are probably wondering, so please, calm down, I’ll answer your burning question:
what’s the deal with that whole “submitted with undying love for” stuff??

I’ll tell you!

It has to do with this AWESOME youth group thang I am involved with called BBYO (what used to be known as B’nai B’rith Youth Organization, but is now just BBYO Inc.). Now I’m about to get fancy for a second here. BBYO is the largest, Jewish, pluralistic, teen-led, international youth movement in the whole world and is home to almost every state across the U.S. as well as many countries, such as Bulgaria, France, Canada, Argentina, the UK, Ireland, Serbia, Bosnia, Israel, and many more. It is essentially a place where Jewish 8th-12th graders can make lifelong friends, take advantage of TONS of leadership opportunities, be part of a global community, find their Jewish identity, make connections, and have amazing experiences.
While that was BBYO in a nutshell, it goes way beyond what that cookie-cutter explanation can convey. Each country and a state or a couple of states is home to a region of BBYO, which is then split into chapters. Each chapter functions with its own board (including a president, vice president, Judaic chair, recruitment chair, treasurer, secretary, and sometimes more) and has events monthly, bimonthly, or even weekly. Every chapter raises money, recruits members, and plans and leads events. Each region does the same thing on a slightly larger scale and the International Order even has its own board which does the same thing on a global scale. Everything is teen-led (with the help of some staff members, advisors, and BBYO alumni). Some famous BBYO alums include Adam Sandler, so that’s cool. If you want to know more, look up BBYO or go to, but the point is, I really love BBYO.

Furthermore, the point is, a “Submitted with undying love for”, affectionately called a SWULF by BBGs everywhere (B’nai B’rith Girls, the girls of BBYO) is the signoff of any official BBYO document. Clearly, my blog is not that, but with a lack of anything better to do, an obsession with BBYO, and a desire (yours, clearly) to get to know me that much more, that’s how I end my posts.

So now you finally know. I know that was haunting you for a while, so please, go back to sleeping at night.

Submitted with undying love for,
BBYO, explanatory posts, friends, readers, women, men, children, toddlers, teens, tweens, elderlies, and esteemed infants,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Fancy Livin, Here We Come

Greetings from San Francisco!

As you can tell, I brought my computer and this fancy hotel, which I will uselessly document in the following post, has free wifi! (Insert evil laugh here.)

My choir arrived today, looking like a mob/gang/sorority in the airport, and we could not be more pumped! Because you know, singing is fun and tour is fun, but what’s really exciting is this hotel.

We have suites. SUITES. Our room has a window in the front of it (looking out to the hallway! With curtains!) as well as a little sitting room in the front! Then the bedroom part is in the back. 2 TVs. 3 sinks. If we kicked one roommate out, we could each have our own sink!! Then there’s a balcony overlooking a nice parking lot as well as a roof that is BEGGING for a roof party. There’s another school here too, so if any of you are reading this (what are the odds, but I may as well put it out there) know that we are down for a roof party. (Disclaimer: Don’t worry adults, we won’t be throwing any roof parties.)

Also, the lobby is, simply put, an enchanted forest.
There are tons of trees and a RIVER. With a bridge over it and koi fish populating it and statues surrounding it. There’s a giant palm tree in the middle of the hotel and it reaches about the fourth floor! Basically when I got to my room, my friend and I screamed like little girls and jumped on the bed a little bit. No shame.

Submitted with undying love for,
fancy hotels, enchanted forests, sinks, roofs, San Francisco, and feeling like a privileged white girl,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow (maybe)

Hey all*!
(*I say all as an inclusive term, but for all I know there could be one or less people reading this…so that’s awkward.)

I just wanted to let you know that in exactly 1 day, 15 hours, 24 minutes, and 53 seconds, I will be heading off on tour with my choir! (Yay, nerdy things.) In case you care and/or you already read this blog regularly (see the above starred sentence), you may want to be aware that I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll bring my computer. SO if I don’t post for a few days, I haven’t died!! (Hopefully.)

I will be reunited with the blessed wifi on Sunday, so I may check in again then, or Monday, or something…I don’t know, I’ll be back. Again, I may actually bring my computer, so maybe we don’t have to say goodbye!

Just remember to think of me. Think of me fondly when we’ve said goodbye. (Lol, sorry, just some lame theater humor for you. Copyright Andrew Lloyd Weber? I don’t know, nobody sue me.)

Thank you for reading this spontaneous cluster of emotions!

Submitted with undying love for,
choir tour coming up!, random late-night posts, The Phantom of the Opera, nerding out in this post way more than was necessary, and you for reading whatever this was,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Where Are They Now?

Today I was reading People magazine, like I do every week for God knows what reason, and I saw something about Selena Gomez just finishing a stint in rehab. Now, I don’t know about you, but I consider myself to be pretty in tune with what’s happening in the famous-person-stratosphere (because of my incessant People reading), and I was unaware she went to rehab at all!
I know what you’re thinking. Who gives a shit? Just calm down, I’m getting to the point.
It is often a point of discussion: all of those child stars end up corrupted and in rehab. And then we reminisce on the rare child star who made it boldly through the Hollywood party scene unscathed and went on to have “happy families” and “bright futures”, unhindered by their “immense talent”. So let’s talk about those stars for a minute, and take a moment to find out Where They Are Now.

1. Hilary Duff
Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.41.00 PM
Her start: This bubbly personality starred on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire from 2001-2004 and also starred in the movie. Lizzie McGuire aired when she was 13, but her first role came when she was 10. She was also in a few other movies such as A Cinderella Story in 2004 (it’s kind of the only Cinderella remake worth your time) and she even guest starred on a few shows, including Gossip Girl.
Where are they now?: Despite her own show on Disney Channel, Hilary Duff was never in rehab and married and had a son! Sadly, her and her ex-husband, hockey player Mike Comrie, divorced (amicably!) in January. But they still co-parent and raise (almost) 2-year-old Luca!

2. Raven Symoné
Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.44.01 PM
Her start: Raven starred as the sassy psychic Raven Baxter on That’s So Raven, also a Disney show! It ran from 2003-2007, but her first role was on the Cosby Show at 3 years old. Aside from her success on That’s So Raven, let’s not forget her other starring role as a Cheetah Girl in the first and second movies! She also released several albums and had roles in a few other movies and shows, as well as voicing Monique in Kim Possible.
Where are they now?: Today Raven lives mostly out of the spotlight and often steps out with her model girlfriend (Yes! You read that correctly!) AzMarie Livingston. She was in Sister Act on Broadway in 2012 and has not been to rehab nor has she been caught in any sort of cheating scandal! Props.

3. Cole Sprouse
Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.51.55 PM
His start: You know him as 1 out of 2 of the mischievous twins from the Tipton Hotel in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which he starred in at age 13 from 2005-2008. Him and his twin brother (who doesn’t appear on this list due to his nudes that are floating around) then starred in yet another Disney Channel show, The Suite Life on Deck, until 2011. However, Cole’s first role came at age one in Grace Under Fire. He had a few other guest roles on various shows, but most of his roles were as Cody Martin.
Where are they now?: Today, Cole Sprouse is something of a hippie/philanthropist and he is interested in archaeology, anthropology, journalism, photography, and performance (or so his Twitter bio claims). Turns out him and twin brother Dylan Sprouse wanted to get involved with the production side of things on their show before heading off to college. When Disney shot that down, they left, and now both attend NYU. Cole recently took trips to Japan and Bulgaria, and enjoys college life with his longer-than-shoulder-length hair.

4. Miranda Cosgrove
Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.56.48 PM
Her start: The first of the list not to have her own Disney show! Ah but wait, she had her own Nickelodeon show. Miranda starred as a perky teen in iCarly from 2007-2012 after playing the evil little sister Megan on Drake and Josh from 2004-2007. Her first role, however, came at age 8 on the TV show Smallville. She has also appeared in several shows and movies like School of Rock and Despicable Me (1 and 2) as well as releasing one album and two EPs.
Where are they now?: After wrapping iCarly, she voiced a role in Despicable Me and is currently filming two different movies while she attends USC! She also works with Oceana to protect dolphins from seismic airgun blasts (cue the “aww”). So no rehab stints, no scandals, no nudes, and she’s a college student working to save endangered animals?

5. Emily Osment
Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 6.57.57 PM
Her start: Though she began at age 7 in The Secret Life of Girls, Emily Osment really found success as Miley’s quirky best friend Lilly on Hannah Montana from 2006-2011. She has also had small roles in many other shows and movies such as Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Spy Kids, and Family Guy. She has also had one album and one EP.
Where are they now?: With no big scandals to speak of, Emily Osment continues to work on movies, some of which are filming or in pre-production. After Hannah Montana, however, she went to college! So luckily her post-Disney life has been pretty low-key, different from her friend Miley’s, because we all know how that one turned out.

Submitted with undying love for,
Disney Channel: the creator of well-rounded and well-adjusted humans, the actually well-rounded and well-adjusted humans (rare, but there), Hilary Duff, Raven Symoné, Cole Sprouse, Miranda Cosgrove, and Emily Osment,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

People Are Gay, It’s OK!

Lately, there has been one topic pretty prevalent in my mind: gay rights. This is probably because it’s been frequenting my tumblr a lot recently, and I’m sure I’ll either get a lot of love or a lot of hate (or both) for directly addressing this so soon, but I think it should be addressed. And I think this is the most eloquent photo I have seen with regards to gay rights (gay marriage in particular):


Cause seriously, sorry if you’re opposed to gay marriage, but why the heck are we debating laws about love? Why do people even still need to “protest this shit”? Shouldn’t it be a given that people get to marry who they love?
If you are opposed for religious reasons, then fine, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE GAY. No one (unless they are a really weird kind of sadist or something) is going to force you to marry someone of the same sex if it’s against your religious beliefs, but why can’t others do it? Are we going to make a law banning the establishment of mosques or temples now because that’s against your religion too? An individuals’ religion should have no effect on the rights of a completely separate person.
Also, there are tons of people I’m sure you all love who are, in fact, gay–but opposers to gay marriage aren’t going to patronize them are they? For example:


Now if that’s not the picture of perfection, I don’t know what is. And I know you know who this is because even if you haven’t seen her talk show or the 86th Academy Awards, I know you’ve seen Finding Nemo. To hate gay people, you would have to hate the woman behind the Oscars pizza party or the most record-breaking selfie of all time or, dare I say it, the “just keep swimming” song.
And you know what? The list of smart, beautiful, incredibly talented individuals goes on. Neil Patrick Harris, Jodie Foster, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Queen Latifah, Ellen Page, Raven Symóne, Elton John, and literally countless others deserve to keep their marriage their business. Think they’ll destroy that sacred institution? Here, have another relevant picture.


Now I know there are all kinds of people out there, and I am not saying that if you’re against same-sex marriage you’re a horrible person. I’ve just provided (hopefully) some food for thought. Do with it what you will.

Submitted with undying love for,
rants, Ellen, and all things flamboyant,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Meet Me!

To the esteemed owners of computers everywhere (or maybe you don’t own a computer, in which case you are A. borrowing from a friend or loved one, B. looking over someone’s shoulder in a random coffeehouse, or C. in a library perhaps? Either way, you deserve to be addressed too, so I’ll change it to “esteemed readers”),

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I’m not sure how you got here, or why, but I hope you stick around awhile! On this blog you will find tales of my daily awkward adventures/struggles, the occasional rant, and my thoughts on everything from fashion and school to tea and the general world. Cool, right? Yeah, I hope so.

But first, since this is my first post, why don’t I introduce myself and answer some FAQs? (Who am I kidding, I’m not famous enough to have frequently asked questions! No one cares enough about me for that. So we’ll call it some random facts.)

1.) My full name is Madilyn Jayne Turken. Madilyn is spelled funky because I am named after my grandma Marilyn (see, it’s Marilyn with a D?). No, my middle name is not pronounced Jane. My middle name is pronounced JAY-nee, and it is never pronounced as Elizabeth, Ann, Lynn, or any of those things.

2.) I’m Jewish! Woo! (However, I’m kind of agnostic/Atheist by religion, or lack thereof, and Jewish by identity. I don’t know, I’m still figuring it out.)

3.) My favorite color is blue. Notice the header at the top of this page is blue and my eyes are blue and they are my favorite feature. Water is also blue, and I like water.

4.) Going off of #3, it is at the top of my life goal list to be a mermaid. (No, this isn’t a joke.)

5.) Like any young hipster, I enjoy coffee a lot, but I also love a much underrated cup of tea. I am actually in a relationship with tea, and I suggest drinking it as much as humanly possible. Here are some recommendations:

  • peach green tea (DO IT AND NEVER LOOK BACK.)
  • passionfruit tea (Try it at Starbucks, or, like, anywhere.)
  • chai (#classic)


  • cinnamon apple spice (Celestial Seasonings, I’m tellin ya.)
  • chamomile and mint together (Match made in heaven. Add 2 sugars and 3 honeys. Kindly recommended to me by the lady in the hotel coffee shop in Dallas when I lost my voice.)
  • chai (#stillclassic)

6.) I love music. In all its forms. I’m a choir nerd, so I love singing, and I also play guitar and I listen to basically every type of music under the sun. My favorite band is Parachute, and if you haven’t heard of them, go buy an album and thank me later. In fact, my friend Isaac and I are both obsessed with Parachute and recently met them (disclaimer: I have NEVER fangirled so hard). Please enjoy this ratchet picture of Isaac and I with lead singer, Will Anderson.


7.) In addition to music, I adore movies. Here are some of my favorites:
-The Parent Trap: Who can resist the adventures of a mischievous pair of ginger twins? (Ok, yeah, they’re the same person, don’t kill my vibe.) I say ginger because I speak of the Lindsay Lohan version. Sorry if you’re a fan of the original, I haven’t actually seen it. However, as my all-time favorite movie, I’ve seen this one approximately 900 times.
-21 Jump Street: Probably the best movie about cops trying to bust a drug ring that’s out there. It has Channing Tatum. It has Jonah Hill. It has Dave Franco. What more does a film need really? (I don’t recommend watching it with me, however, as I can recite this entire movie and you’ll probably want to shoot me.)
-We Bought a Zoo: Sadly, not a well-known one, but it is an oh-so-fabulous account of a family who does basically exactly what the title implies. Based on a true story, I might add. The real one is in England and I am going there one day, I don’t even care.

8.) I was born in Southern California, where I sadly no longer live. (I’m not going to tell you where I do live though, ya creep!) But I hope to return to California eventually, as it has palm trees, beaches, Mendocino, and Coachella.

So I hope you have enjoyed virtually getting to know me a bit (if you stuck it out and read the whole damn thing, that is). I’ll be posting more randomness on here in the future, so it’d be awesome if you came back and read even more of my nonsense! Until then!

Submitted with undying love for,
tea, mermaids, California, The Parent Trap, blogging I guess, and you if you read my blog!
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken