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A Disorganized Rant on Feminism

Greetings friends! Salutations! Long time, no post!

I decided, since I have had a super rough week, that a bit of a rant is in order. So in this fun little virtual rant, I will be discussing the under estimation and under appreciation of women. Yay! Feminism! I’m basic!

Now I generally do not identify as a feminist, but I was having a discussion earlier with a friend of mine about it, and I have decided that you will put up with my temporary feminist rant, dammit! (Or, you will become annoyed with me and turn off your computer. Either one.)

If you have read the About Me tab on this blog, you have noticed that I love theater. I am super involved in theater at my school, but I don’t just act, I also do technical theater even more. I am on construction crew, so I build sets and move set pieces during scene changes in the show. In case you are wondering, no, our sets are not made of cardboard, Scotch tape, and Elmer’s glue. They are made of wood that we cut with a variety of large electric saws and put together with drills and screws. Sometimes we use metal, foam, and other materials and sometimes we use real drywall like in your house. Sets can often be 16 feet or so high. My point? It’s pretty legit.

So construction crew is made up of mostly males, with a pretty good amount of females, but I am one of only a few really dedicated girls on crew. Furthermore, although this is my eighth show on construction crew and I am one of two heads of the crew, a boy could come along for his first time on crew and it may as well be his twentieth. Girls are given easier jobs and it is assumed that we are incapable of doing anything requiring physical labor. Need to lift something? Oh gee, we better find some guys to do it! Wouldn’t want to have these sweet little girls pulling a muscle or something! Oh, you need a job? Um, why don’t you just help me hold this or go paint that. This is far too much work for you. I’m just trying to look out for you!


Here’s a headline: girls are just as capable, if not more capable, as boys in every subject area. Sure, maybe boys can occasionally bulk up more, play football better, lift more weight, and/or climb the rope higher in gym class. But if girls decided to work out as much or work on their strength training like guys did, we could just as easily do the exact same things.

The point is, if a girl is willing to help you lift that heavy thing, let her freaking lift it! Give her all the hard jobs! She is perfectly willing and able to do something and to be useful. You are not better. You are not stronger. There is no secret man quota that we missed.

I know it seems like I am just spewing hatred and indignation, which in a way, I am. But I think that despite all “progress” we have made towards “equality”, men are still appreciating women only for their sexiness. But we are strong, independent women who don’t need no men!

So, the next time you are about to under estimate and/or under appreciate a girl, don’t. Do not, under any circumstances, baby her. You are equals. And yes, I would like to lift that.

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San Fran Shenanigans

Hello people of the Internet!

Long time, no post! How’s it going? Sorry I’ve been a little AWOL recently, as I have been swamped after getting back from my (thanks for asking) ah-mazinggg tour to San Francisco! Here were a few highlights (not necessarily in any order):

1. Alcatraz
Alcatraz island, home to one the of the most famous prisons in the country, is insanely cool. You go and take this audio tour where these voices tell you where to walk and point things out and describe prison life. I recommend going there. So please enjoy this dramatically edgy photo of my in a cell (a cell-fie if you will! lol puns). Also please excuse the awkward audio tour stuff I’m wearing.

2. The Ferry to Alcatraz
So this is completely deserving of its own thing on the list. Obviously, Alcatraz is an island (God, pay attention), so you have to take a boat there. And I realllllyyyy like boats. And I could show you some pictures of the ocean or something, but I think I’d rather share the obligatory Titanic-esque picture with my friend Jordan. #shesflying

3. Grace Cathedral
Grace Cathedral is the single prettiest church I have ever been to in my life (which is a limited amount of churches since I’m Jewish, but whatever). It legitimately looks like a castle, the door has all these gorgeous carvings on it, and there a ton of colored ribbons hanging from the ceiling inside. It was founded during the California Gold Rush and, oh yeah, we got to sing inside it. If you aren’t as much of a choir nerd as me and that doesn’t sound cool to you, let me break it down for you: the more amazing the church, the higher the ceiling, the more the echo, the better the sound. So trust me, it’s cool.

4. That One Hotel with a Sense of Humor
So a couple friends and I were walking to lunch one day, and we passed this hotel. And the doormen/bell boys had these great uniforms. And I know because we saw one getting luggage out of someone’s car. And basically it was a beautiful moment and I felt it should make this list because it was clearly a highlight.

5. Roller Skating
Normally this wouldn’t be a highlight because this is an activity that I do the opposite of excel at. Clearly, I don’t even know if it is one word or two. However, we rented out a roller rink for a few hours, and I mean we all started out skating (Disclaimer: I only fell once!), but then we ended up just dancing barefoot in the middle of the rink (cause they play music, we aren’t just weird). So my friend Tricia and I decided it would be a cool idea to make an Instagram video of us doing ballet to a hip-hop/dance song (since she started dance classes this year and I was a dancer for 11 years–let’s just put that out there first). So we took some videos of us both dancing, and finally we got one of me that was an acceptable length and we went to work again on hers. And luckily, our friend got this on camera. (You should know: she was not wearing skates, nor, clearly, was this the original goal of the video.)

6. Cable Car Ride
Cable cars, basically like open air buses on train tracks in the street, are really not all that spectacular, unless you make them so. Which, trust me, I did. The cable car was pretty full when we got on, so me a few of my friends were standing on the ledge holding onto poles. And we faced the street, and I immediately began waving at everyone on the street (that’s a lot of people in San Francisco). It kind of started as me goofing around and doing the princess-on-a-parade-float-wave. But then I was really enjoying myself, and some people waved back, and then we made it this huge game where we waved at everyone and saw who waved back. I did not stop waving or smiling the entire ride. (Sappy example of something small and stupid can brighten your whole day, which it did.) All I have is this picture of Cristina and me on the cable car, so enjoy that.

7. Lombard Street
By now I’m just kind of listing off basic San Francisco tourist attractions, but they’re attractions for a reason! Lombard street is “the crookedest street in the world”. On a side note, I ran down it like I was an airplane.

8. Ghirardelli Square
Ghirardelli as in the chocolate company. And I like chocolate. I recommend everything.

9. Church Service at United Church of Christ
Hopefully, you are staring at your computer screen confusedly: “Wait! You’re Jewish!” Pick up your jaw, we sang at the service instead of their usual church choir. (Nothing gospel, sadly.) And for non-religious reasons, it was really cool! As you can imagine, I’ve experience my fair share of church services (lol no) but this one stood out. Most notably, the minister there was a lesbian woman who quoted Harry Potter in her sermon. Sadly, no pictures for this one, so use your imagination.

So just to recap: I like San Francisco and I also like choir. Peace and love.

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I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Fancy Livin, Here We Come

Greetings from San Francisco!

As you can tell, I brought my computer and this fancy hotel, which I will uselessly document in the following post, has free wifi! (Insert evil laugh here.)

My choir arrived today, looking like a mob/gang/sorority in the airport, and we could not be more pumped! Because you know, singing is fun and tour is fun, but what’s really exciting is this hotel.

We have suites. SUITES. Our room has a window in the front of it (looking out to the hallway! With curtains!) as well as a little sitting room in the front! Then the bedroom part is in the back. 2 TVs. 3 sinks. If we kicked one roommate out, we could each have our own sink!! Then there’s a balcony overlooking a nice parking lot as well as a roof that is BEGGING for a roof party. There’s another school here too, so if any of you are reading this (what are the odds, but I may as well put it out there) know that we are down for a roof party. (Disclaimer: Don’t worry adults, we won’t be throwing any roof parties.)

Also, the lobby is, simply put, an enchanted forest.
There are tons of trees and a RIVER. With a bridge over it and koi fish populating it and statues surrounding it. There’s a giant palm tree in the middle of the hotel and it reaches about the fourth floor! Basically when I got to my room, my friend and I screamed like little girls and jumped on the bed a little bit. No shame.

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I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Hallway Horror

The following is a fun little paper I wrote for my AP English class in which we had to write an op-ed commentary. An op-ed is an article generally featured in a newspaper (OPposite the EDitorial) and is usually opinionated and not too long. So our assignment was to choose any topic we cared about and write an opinion piece. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I have a lot of opinions. So I chose a topic I was passionate about and tried my darnedest to write a great paper. I got a 90 on this one (thanks Mr. Mazenko) but I am still quite proud of it. So please enjoy! (By the way, I have changed the name of my high school in a lame attempt at keeping up a little anonymity in a scary online world.)

“Hallway Horror”

High school is full of hardships.

Between homework and tests, teachers and peers, high school is filled with emotions, drama, and difficult tasks. However, it seems to me, that the most taxing struggle of all–worse than memorizing vocabulary in a foreign language, more frightening than the common app–is walking in the hallway.

Yes, it may be logical to assume that the hardest challenges of high school occur in the classroom, but alas, it is the hall that really gets teenagers stumped. For whatever reason, high schoolers, especially those at Lincoln High School, are suffering from “Hallway Horror”, a gripping disease that impairs their ability to walk efficiently between classes. They are simply not grasping the concept of walking through the halls. What is this elongated room I am in? Where do all these doors lead? Which way is my class again? Wait, look! There’s my friend! Maybe I’ll stop and chat!

Sure, why not? Ignorance is bliss after all.

But how long can students remain utterly unaware that they are stopping traffic, that their social interactions are causing a blockage? I am all for being friendly, and of course school should not be getting in the way of these kids’ social lives, right? But teens should learn how to navigate their hallways, in order to maintain a happy, healthy high school career. So we will take this in three, simple steps.

Step 1: Pick up the Pace. High school is extremely stressful, and it is always nice to have a break in the day to stroll leisurely to the next class. However, how do you expect anyone to reach class on time if they are delayed by your laziness? And at a school with 3,600 students and 200 faculty members, maneuvering around you is rarely an option. Keep it brisk, ladies and gentlemen, and don’t be afraid to put the car in drive. Think the purposeful walk of a preschool line leader, not the easy gait of the McDonalds employee serving fries.

Step 2: Practice Safe Speeds. Now, I know I just told you to pick up the pace, and you should, but that being said, there is another important piece of knowledge every student must know: never run in the halls. This is not just a rule you heard shouted at you by a teacher as you rushed by them in middle school. This is a fundamental guideline for successful hallway navigation. While you should be walking with purpose, you should never need to run to reach your class. Each passing period is seven minutes long. 420 seconds. Even at Lincoln High School, an unusually large campus at 80 acres and four buildings, you will be on time without running – I promise. If you run, you may not only cause an accident, but you will look, quite frankly, like a disoriented and terrified freshman.

Step 3: Pull Over. The third, and possibly most important rule, applies to that ever so important social life of yours. When you see a friend in the hall, by all means, wave, say hi, make a hysterically awkward face at them as you pass each other (my personal go-to). But please, for the sake of hallway navigators everywhere, if you must have a conversation, pull over. If you stop in the middle of the hall to chat with your pals, you create a general confusion for the first few people behind you when you stop and also for those after them, who must stray from their path to get around. You and your buddy act as a giant highway divider that has been thrown across the middle of the actual highway. If your small talk is really important enough to warrant parking, please pull over first.

It is my sincerest wish that these steps will help high schoolers from all walks of life to navigate their halls – and their high school careers – more easily. If we all remember to pick up the pace, practice safe speeds, and pull over, we can avoid the hallway horror that affects so many high school teens today.

Submitted with undying love for,
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I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken