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Hello all,

So sorry I have not written in what seems like forever. I have been incredibly swamped with my school musical! I’ve mentioned a few (thousand) times on here that I do theatre, and more often, technical theatre. I am on construction crew and run crew, so I build the set and then move it around during the show.  I am also an actor, but I have not been in a show in a while. I have found instead that lately, I more enjoy filling my hands with splinters, getting immensely frustrated trying to build secret swinging doors, barely sleeping whilst finishing a set, wearing all black, handling dry ice because our fog machine broke (?), and making faces at people onstage in the hopes that they have to quell their laughter in the middle of a line.

In case you didn’t catch that part about barely sleeping, it’s true. Seriously. I have barely slept. Closing night was two days ago and I am just now starting to catch up on sleep. During the week before the show, or tech week (also referred to affectionately as Hell Week), I stayed at school building things until midnight, and then as late (early?) as one, two, three, and four AM. We would literally leave each other with a fond, “Have a nice nap!” and “See you in a few hours!”

I know most of my readers are probably balking at the absurdity of this. And for all you parents out there who are reaching for the phone and looking up the number of my school principal, hold on. None of us are forced to stay that long, and only a small group do. But we all do it because we want to. I love this stuff. I live for this. This whole week and half or so where I am drinking iced coffee like it’s water, experiencing an emotional roller coaster from lack of sleep, rushing to get things done, trying not to act on my mental “Show Week Hit List”, and neglecting all of my homework is my favorite time of the year. The thing for me about theatre is that I love it even when I hate it. Even when I am crying behind a set piece during the entire second act or making up mental threats for people who yell at me because they are just as stressed as I am, I live for this. Crazy? Maybe. Odd? Without a doubt. But I would not have it any other way.

Segue: This is why I’ll be majoring in theatre (and something else, who knows really?) in college. Which college, you ask? Tulane University, Class of 2019! I am very excited and paralyzingly horrified–refer to some of my other posts.

I think this gets you pretty much up-to-date with my always fascinating life. Remember to find my email in the “About Me” section in the top right corner of this site and email me with post requests or general business queries!

Submitted with undying love for,
theatre, construction, dry ice which you can in fact touch with your bare hands (just not for long), knowing where I’m going to college, and Tulane University,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

A Disorganized Rant on Feminism

Greetings friends! Salutations! Long time, no post!

I decided, since I have had a super rough week, that a bit of a rant is in order. So in this fun little virtual rant, I will be discussing the under estimation and under appreciation of women. Yay! Feminism! I’m basic!

Now I generally do not identify as a feminist, but I was having a discussion earlier with a friend of mine about it, and I have decided that you will put up with my temporary feminist rant, dammit! (Or, you will become annoyed with me and turn off your computer. Either one.)

If you have read the About Me tab on this blog, you have noticed that I love theater. I am super involved in theater at my school, but I don’t just act, I also do technical theater even more. I am on construction crew, so I build sets and move set pieces during scene changes in the show. In case you are wondering, no, our sets are not made of cardboard, Scotch tape, and Elmer’s glue. They are made of wood that we cut with a variety of large electric saws and put together with drills and screws. Sometimes we use metal, foam, and other materials and sometimes we use real drywall like in your house. Sets can often be 16 feet or so high. My point? It’s pretty legit.

So construction crew is made up of mostly males, with a pretty good amount of females, but I am one of only a few really dedicated girls on crew. Furthermore, although this is my eighth show on construction crew and I am one of two heads of the crew, a boy could come along for his first time on crew and it may as well be his twentieth. Girls are given easier jobs and it is assumed that we are incapable of doing anything requiring physical labor. Need to lift something? Oh gee, we better find some guys to do it! Wouldn’t want to have these sweet little girls pulling a muscle or something! Oh, you need a job? Um, why don’t you just help me hold this or go paint that. This is far too much work for you. I’m just trying to look out for you!


Here’s a headline: girls are just as capable, if not more capable, as boys in every subject area. Sure, maybe boys can occasionally bulk up more, play football better, lift more weight, and/or climb the rope higher in gym class. But if girls decided to work out as much or work on their strength training like guys did, we could just as easily do the exact same things.

The point is, if a girl is willing to help you lift that heavy thing, let her freaking lift it! Give her all the hard jobs! She is perfectly willing and able to do something and to be useful. You are not better. You are not stronger. There is no secret man quota that we missed.

I know it seems like I am just spewing hatred and indignation, which in a way, I am. But I think that despite all “progress” we have made towards “equality”, men are still appreciating women only for their sexiness. But we are strong, independent women who don’t need no men!

So, the next time you are about to under estimate and/or under appreciate a girl, don’t. Do not, under any circumstances, baby her. You are equals. And yes, I would like to lift that.

Submitted with undying love for,
disorganized rants, feminism, being a manly man, being a fierce and fiery woman, being basic, and saying screw you to men,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken