Some Wisdom About Wisdom Teeth

Hello again, dedicated readers!
(Actually, this site has no way of telling me if people view it or not, unless they leave a comment, so my mom may be my only dedicated reader. In which case, hi mom.)

Maybe you noticed (or maybe not) that I’ve been a bit AWOL for a couple of weeks. That would be because I have been oh so busy with my bustling schedule, and I was also living on my couch for a week recovering from wisdom teeth surgery. (Can I get a hell yeah!?) If you’ve gotten your wisdom teeth out before, you know it is really only supposed to hurt for a few days. Ah, unless you get dry socket, in which case it will continue to hurt until you go in to see your oral surgeon! He or she will then pack it (don’t ask me what “it” is, I am just as clueless as you) with medicated gauze, which numbs and heals the back of your mouth, which has been causing aching throughout your jaw and general face. Sounds fun, right?

Excellent guess–no.

So I’ve been glued to Netflix watching a weird mixture of Hannah Montana episodes (judge me if you want) and Orange is the New Black (DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS). And I thought I would compile a helpful list of the Top 7 Foods to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Surgery, or as I like to call it, The Top 7 Mushy Foods That Also Taste Good When Bedridden.

1. Chocolate Pudding
Or whatever flavor you want I suppose. But pudding is a delicious snack that requires zero chewing. Bonus: You don’t have to open your mouth very wide to eat a spoonful of it!

2. Jello
Very similar to pudding. Pick your favorite flavor and go nuts. Bonus: You can entertain yourself watching the Jello jiggle!

3. Gogurt
I am partial to Gogurt but yogurt is just fine too. However, Gogurt is funner and easier to eat in the state your mouth will be in. Just don’t accidentally squeeze too hard and send it flying everywhere. (Nooo, that didn’t happen to me, psshhh, what, don’t be silly…) Bonus: Get the kind with the questions and the answers that reveal themselves when you finish!

4. Mac n’ Cheese
I recommend Kraft, as that stuff is literal magic in a box, but whatever brand you feel works. It’s soft enough to eat, yet not so mushy that you feel like you’re nine months old and trying to eat mashed carrots again. Bonus: You can get it in fun shapes!

5. Ice Cream
My favorite flavor is Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy. Seriously, that stuff cures all ailments. But whichever flavor you choose will work wonders, as it’s soft, yummy, and literally melts in your mouth. I’m not ashamed to say that I ate a full pint in about three days. Bonus: It has the added effect of being cold, which can help numb your mouth!

6. Milkshakes
Part drink, part food. Everybody wins! Bonus: You aren’t supposed to use straws for a week after surgery, so milkshakes are thick enough that you don’t lose anything by eating them with a spoon!

7. Soup
Don’t choose any with lots of things to chew. I like vegetable because those things to chew are all soft after being cooked. But most soups will do the trick! Bonus: Salty soups are basically just like doing one of those salt water rinses that you’re supposed to do post surgery! (Ok, maybe not quite.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you are fully prepared for your next wisdom teeth surgery, or if you’ve already gone through that, the surgery of a loved one. Until next time!

Submitted with undying love for,
soft foods, Netflix, Ben and Jerry’s, and being a person again now that my dry socket is gone,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Adventures in Europe!

Oh hello there! Me again! Sorry I have been AWOL for a couple weeks–I was in Europe without a laptop! I meant to post about it before I left so as not to worry my two or three readers (one being my mother!) but, alas, I forgot. Anyway, like I said, I was in Europe on a trip that my youth group (that BBYO thing?) sponsors. I went to England, France, Belgium, and Holland, and WOW was it amazing! Currently, I wish I could go back so badly that all I’ve been doing is laying on the couch and watching Netflix! Well, that could also be because I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday…

Anywho, our trip had a blog that the staff posted on the trip website and trip goers could volunteer to write on it! Since I missed doing this, I volunteered and ended up writing the last post, which turned out to be a sort of overview. Since I was going to post a version of the same thing here anyway, here it is, with some tweaks here and there to adjust for audience. Sorry if it sounds a bit cookie-cutter–I was writing to parents, remember! (However, my mom and my friend’s mom liked it, so I hope you do too!):

Good evening parents and friends! (Or perhaps good morning? Afternoon? Time change is weird.) As I sit here in the hall outside my hotel room writing the final journal entry for BBYO Passport Western Europe Discovery #1 2014 (wow, what a mouthful), I’m feeling nostalgic. We’re sad to be leaving, but happy that this trip has been such an incredible experience.
For my personal last night, I am sitting, as I mentioned, in the hallway, surrounded by an obscene amount of snacks and six of some of my closest friends from the trip. Why the hallway you may ask? Well, as a gender mixed group of friends, we aren’t about to break rules and all go in a room! See mom, I follow the rules!
Anyway, for the parents back home, you’re probably wondering what all has made this trip so fabulous. So here, for your enjoyment and in no particular order, please enjoy this list of The Top 8 Moments/Events/Activities of BBYOinWED1.
1. The Dutch Countryside
If none of you have been to the Dutch countryside, the first thing you need to know is that it is GORGEOUS. Chock full of windmills, green fields, rivers, adorable little houses, cows, chickens, horses, sheep, and goats, the Dutch countryside is truly beautiful, especially when viewed on a half-hour long, fairly flat bike ride. In case that doesn’t sound amazing enough, we then got to see how clogs and cheese are made on a real farm! (If your child is not bringing home flavored wheels of cheese, you should ground them when they return home, because man that stuff is good.)
2. Walking Home from a Synagogue
At this point you’re probably asking yourself why such a random event is even a point on this list. But it really was a high point for most of us. For the first Shabbat of the trip, the walk back to the hotel was around an hour. We walked down Oxford Street in England, talking to each other, and even stopping for an impromptu dance party with some people playing music on the street. Never have we had such a fun time walking!
3. The Eiffel Tower
If you were afraid your son/daughter was not going to get thorough exercise on this trip, what with eating their way through Europe and all, you were wrong. As I may have mentioned above, we have done a lot of walking here. Furthermore, despite the fact that the Eiffel Tower does indeed have an elevator, we walked up to the second platform. In case you are not familiar with the Eiffel Tower, that is 669 steps. Try that in your home. I dare you. But we all made it and once we did, the view was breathtaking. (However, I will personally be taking the elevator next time.)

4. Normandy Beach
The D-Day museum and cemetery in Normandy, France was very interesting and meaningful, but it was made fun by going down to the beach there. We wrote in the sand and played with strangers’ dogs! This included an interesting spectacle involving three dogs playing tug of war with one stick. There was also a dog who knew how to play nicely and was simply jumping in the waves, very much resembling a dolphin. Our favorite game was throwing something and watching her leap after it.

5. The London Eye
The London Eye is a huge Ferris wheel in which the “carts” are big glass bubbles, if you will, that take you on an amazing view of the city of London. Not only were the views great, but we also got to know the other people in our “pod” a bit better. Apparently being put in a small glass space with 15-20 people does wonders for making friends.
6. The FOOD
This probably goes without saying, but my gosh, does Europe have some good food. From fish and chips in London to crepes, macarons, and croissants in France to Belgian waffles AND chocolate to homemade cheese in Holland, we have gotten the chance to eat some amazing food that we couldn’t eat at home. (My mom will read this and shake her head that I had to dedicate an entire point on this list to food, but it was necessary.)
7. Spending Time Together!
As much fun as doing activities is, the “getting there” is often half the enjoyment! Walks, bus rides, etc. have actually been vital parts of talking to each other and becoming friends. Although we have slept for many of the bus rides, many have turned into big conversations and/or games of “Cow I Win” (a rousing game where the first player to see a cow shouts “cow, I win”, at which point the game promptly starts over). As I have previously mentioned, we walk a lot, and though I will be booking a long foot massage for when I get back, I owe walks to a lot of conversations with new people.
8. The Boat Ride
In case you were unaware, Amsterdam is known as the city of canals. On our first day here, we got to take a boat ride on the canal through the city, which was one of the most fun things we got to do. Amsterdam is beautiful, and seeing it from a boat on the canal is a completely different way of seeing such an amazing city.
I was supposed to give up the laptop at that point, and it was already far too long, so I ended it there. But I hope you have gained some insight into the thrills of Western Europe! If you can scrounge up enough coins from your couch cushions, I highly recommend you go! I may or may not post again about my wonderful trip. If I don’t, the post will be about what to eat when you’ve just had your wisdom teeth ripped out. Until then!
Submitted with undying love for,
blogging again, Western Europe, my trip that I wish I was still on, Cow I Win (which I started by the way), and my mom for reading this post,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Terms of Ew-dearment

Good morrow, ladies and gents!

I apologize for my lack of posts recently. That is due partially to writer’s block, partially to a busy schedule, and, I regret to say, partially from summer laziness. But here I am with, basically, a new complaint! Sorry for the negativity, but here is today’s grievance: Terms of Endearment.

Let me explain. Terms of endearment–honey, sweetie, etc.–are fine (maybe…if you’re okay with it) if they come from parent to child, lover to lover, or sarcastically from friend to friend. However, they are in no way acceptable when passed from random adult to random kid. And by kid, I mean, more often, teenager.

Still confused? Here’s what I’m trying to say. I understand that when an adult refers to a child they don’t know as “sweetie” or “honey” or “hon”, it is usually because they don’t know what else to call them since they do not know the child/teen’s name. But to the said child/teen, it comes off as condescending and, frankly, gross. I am a sixteen-year old girl–woman, if you will–and, furthermore, I look it. Now, I can vaguely understand if the teenager looks genuinely young, but I, along with most, do not. I look at least my age, I am not your “sweetie”, and I will be treated as such.

Other teenagers will relate to this post the most, I think, because they get what I’m griping about. Young people spend years waiting to finally be treated like adults rather than children. Now this isn’t to say we don’t enjoy our youth and whatnot, but when we reach an age where we feel mature and ready to be treated, not necessarily as adults, but with respect, it is unbelievably aggravating to be referred to with  “term of endearment”. How often do you hear adults referring to other adults that way? Never.

So now that my grievances have been uttered and hopefully heard and understood, I can leave with a clear head. And, should you be an adult reading this, perhaps you’ll think twice next time you call a teenager “sweetie” or “honey”, unless, and only maybe unless, he/she is your own flesh and blood child. If not, well, “hey you” works just as well.

Submitted with undying love for,
respect, being treated my age, and complaining via the Internet,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

My Senior Year Bucket List

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your summers! I actually just have one more final before freedom, so in these last couple days of being a high school junior, I am contemplating what life will be like next year. I am almost a senior, which, despite the grueling college applications and anxiety of hearing back, is supposed to be a pretty important year, I guess. So I have decided to make a sort of bucket list for senior year. (Just so you are aware and don’t think I am 100% lame, I won’t actually be checking back with this list or anything. It’s more for my present entertainment.)

1. Participate in all the Dress-Up Days!
This one has been on my mind for a while, actually. At my school, we have dress up days for Homecoming week, Wish Week (a fundraising week for the Make A Wish foundation), and we also have two different weeks of dress up days for only seniors. These often include country club day, skier day, “senior” citizen day, tacky tourist day, what you want to be in 10 years day, and more! That last one is often the most entertaining because many people like to have fun with it. Being a part of the theater department, lots of people dress homeless. I’ve even seen one girl with a Starbucks apron and a sign reading “want to read my manuscript?”. Obviously, I haven’t been allowed to dress up on senior days (yet) but I am allowed to for Homecoming week and Wish Week. For some days I dress up, but for most, I opt out. However, it is my goal to dress up for every dress up day this year, and I don’t care how ridiculous I look! Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

2. Go to Putt Putt
As I mentioned, we have a Wish Week, where we dress up and raise money for the Make a Wish foundation and the Wish of a Lifetime foundation. Throughout the week there are restaurants who will donate part of the proceeds to it for us and there are a few events at school. One is putt putt golf one night of the week. I have never been in attendance, since it is usually populated by the…er…type of people I don’t associate–excuse me–am not really friends with… But I’ve decided, why not pull together some people I actually like and go for my last year? If only because I’m super curious as to how they transform one of the buildings at my school into a mini golf course. (Will there be a windmill!?!?) And I will do it even if my lack of mini golf skills are laughed off the course (court? field? stage?). Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

3. Go to the Homecoming Pep Assembly
I think most schools have this, so I won’t explain. But for us,the assembly is optional, so most people (at least upper classmen) who are not interested in school spirit (me) or who don’t associate with “pep” (me) or who have a car and can leave and go to Starbucks instead (me) don’t attend. I went my freshman year, but after a pretty uninteresting hour sprinkled with chants of “Go Home Freshman”, I figured I had seen it all. However, I’ll admit that there are some fun events and things they do, I can always just laugh at the cheerleaders/poms team, and they make a big deal about the seniors. So maybe I’ll go and be pampered and indulge in a “Go Home Freshman” or two. Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

4. Be in the Talent Show
During that Wish Week thing I mentioned, there is a school wide talent show, which, for attendees, is basically the only time non-theater kids are caught dead in the theater! Score one for the Thespian cult! I mean troupe! I went my sophomore year, but I have never auditioned, so I figure, why not try my senior year? I’ve got nothing to lose! (Other than my dignity!) However, I’ll definitely try out with one or more other people, so that then I’m not losing my dignity alone. And if it isn’t singing, it’ll be my flawless stand up comedy routine or maybe juggling and unicycling (actually that’s a real act every year–we have a club for it). Because I’m a senior and I do what I want!

In a somewhat pathetic turn of events, I have taken the time and energy to think of only four things that I even vaguely want to do next year. Other than get into college of course. So this is where our list ends. But I hope you got a kick out of my unfulfilled high school life thus far. Because what on earth was I doing if I wasn’t playing mini golf in the hallways??

Submitted with undying love for,
(almost) being a senior, dressing up like a mermaid for “what I want to be in 10 years day”, perfecting my juggling routine, and the hatred of pep,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Everything You Need to Know About Prom

So recently (last night) I went to my first school prom (woohoo, what a milestone). And I thought I would compile a list, since I seem to be fascinated by lists, of everything you ever really need to know about prom.

1. The Dress
Note that I am a female, and therefore, I am dishing out advice on prom dresses. If you are a male and are looking for info on tuxedos, you have come to the wrong place and I sincerely apologize. So for the dress it depends what people at your school do. At mine, most people wear long dresses for prom, but a few wear short. Either is fine, whichever makes you comfortable! Get one you think is pretty and flattering and comfy, etc. etc. The important thing here is that you can dance in it. DO NOT BE THAT STUPID KID REFUSING TO DANCE. Did you really spend a ton of money on prom to stand in a dimly lit and well dressed room doing nothing?

2. The Group
Who you go with to prom is possibly the most important aspect of going to prom. Remember, you’re going to be hanging out with them for a lot of straight hours! If you have a date, rock on. If you don’t have a date, rock on. Go with just your date, go in a group with several other couples, go in a group with some couples and some singles, go with a whole group of single people. Don’t sweat about not having a date–you could go in a big group of girls (or mixed gender singles or whatever) and have an awesome time! (Plus, dates are overrated [unless maybe you have a steady significant other]. Like I have to hang out with this random person the whole time? I don’t want to babysit some boy all night.)

3. The Transportation
While cars are fun, limos/party buses are REALLY fun. Now I realize not everyone can afford such a thing, and that is understandable (don’t worry, it won’t make or break your prom experience). But if you can get a lot of people, split the price, get a deal, cut down the amount of time the limo is needed, etc. I recommend getting one. And if possible, I recommend a party bus, as it, clearly, brings the party wherever you go (I mean who even needs the actual dance, right?). However, please note that many party buses come with a stripper pole in the middle. If that makes you uncomfortable, you can get one without. If you’re into that, go nuts. Just make sure the windows are very tinted before you get too crazy.

4. The Pictures
The all too important prom pre-requisite includes not only all of the pictures you take, but all of the pictures of others that you Facebook stalk! Sure, it’s fun to spend an hour taking lots of low-quality pictures of two people putting a corsage on each other or a row of dressed up girls in various poses, but it’s MUCH more fun to sit on your computer and look at everyone else’s pictures (of the same things). Why should the party end when you get home?

5. Never Say “Prahm”
You’re not funny.

The rest, my friends, is up to you. Get some dinner, dance the night away, and make good choices! (Even when there are stripper poles involved.)

Submitted with undying love for,
prom, Facebook stalking, party buses, and surviving the night the tween girls fantasize about,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

Tips for Relaxing from a Very Stressed Teenager

Welcome to Detox 101: How to Relieve Stress in the opinion of one very stressed out teen. I hope you refer back to this list whenever you need to just chill–because life can be hard. From constant homework to immature peers to interminable AP tests (5 1/2 hours, AP Spanish? Really???) to people who cannot walk in the halls (see post #3: Hallway Horror) to bothersome teachers/bosses to a college search creeping up behind you whenever you check the mail, and more, the life of a high schooler is rough. However, this guide is designed for stress relievers of all ages. So sit back and relax.

1. Light Candles
One of the oldest techniques in the book, but take it from someone who has a counter full of a growing candle collection–it works! I recommend scented ones (my favorites that I own are pine, lavender, and some random gardenia and tuberose thing in a jar). Scented candles make your room smell fabulous, and if you leave them burning for long enough, your room will smell fabulous even after you blow them out. It’s like that dog that follows you home and sits outside your door even after you’ve told it to go home (but you secretly want to keep it). Actually I don’t think that analogy related at all.

2. Drink Tea!
Not just for Brits or old ladies anymore! If you’ve read my About Me section or my Meet Me post, you know I consider myself to be something of a tea aficionado. A lot of people think it doesn’t taste good (I used to agree with you!) but I resolve that you are just not drinking the right ones. There are some really flavorful ones and they are actually so calming. See the Meet Me post for my favorite teas and recommendations.

3. Watch Gossip Girl on Netflix (or another TV show of your choice via the outlet of your choice)
Watching TV is a great way to wind down. We all know that. However, I personally recommend Gossip Girl simply because it is exactly what the readers scoffing at me right now think it is–ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But it is utterly, obscenely ridiculous. It is a good de-stressor because you get completely swept up in the complicated lives of “Manhattan’s elite”. They have so many constant and far-fetched problems that you honestly start feeling as if your problems cannot possibly be so all-consuming as the stuff you are witnessing. “Two thumbs up.”

4. Sit Outside and Read a Book
Here comes the chorus of teenagers: “Ew, I don’t read for fun.” Well, you should. Similarly to the TV thing I just mentioned, when you read a book you thoroughly enjoy, you are transported to another world with a whole new score of possibilities, personalities, and adventures. Find somewhere nice (PREFERABLY OUTSIDE IN NATURE SOMEWHERE) and just sit and read. Lay down, nap, sun bathe, lounge, allow yourself to just be. It sounds stupid, but if you do this even for fifteen minutes and rid yourself of all your worries and responsibilities, you will be so much more carefree.

5. Listen to Angry Music
Yes, you read that correctly! It sounds a bit counter productive, but when I am really pissed off, I listen to my “angry music”. (This, for me, includes a lot of Three Days Grace, Skillet, and some other assorted artists. It generally is more “metal” and has a fast beat that I can angrily walk to in the hallway.) While this can sometimes work you up, it also actually does just the opposite. For me, it is a kind of outlet where I can release those emotions just by listening to music that mirrors my feelings. Try it some time. Just for fun.

Some other popular and useful stress relievers include, but are not limited to:
-bubble baths
-blowing bubbles
-hanging out with friends
-punching things (like pillows–please, please don’t punch a wall)
-tequila (JUST KIDDING! Unless you are over the age of 21 that was a total joke!)

I hope you appreciate and draw inspiration from this user-friendly guide. The next time you are feeling stressed, remember to head on over to this website and refer to “Tips for Relaxing from a Very Stressed Teenager”.

Submitted with undying love for,
candles, tea, and Gossip Girl, (my three main loves)
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

What To Do When People Don’t Know What They’re Talking About

Hello friends!! How are you?? I am FABULOUS (my friend I talked about in that last post was FOUND and she is now home and safe and sound! haha that rhymed.). So I thought I would take a break from that whole sappy thing and go back to doing what I do best–ranting while simultaneously assuming I know best (about everything). This week’s rant is called: What to do when other people have no clue what the heck they’re talking about. I hope it proves useful to you the next time someone says something cringe-inducing, or otherwise dim (to put it nicely).

Now I know in this crazy, mixed-up world, there are lots of people who all have lots of different opinions. And everyone is entitled to their opinion–it’s just that theirs may be stupid. When confronted with a narrow-minded, haughty, and/or ridiculous individual, there are several approaches that can be utilized, and I will list them here in order of effectiveness in most situations, for optimum satisfaction (guaranteed or your money back) (just kidding, you didn’t pay me so you get nothing).

1. The Least Effective: Blowing Your Top
The “Blowing Your Top” approach may, and usually does, involve many cuss words, frantic gestures, or becoming red in the face (or blue, depending on your complexion I suppose). This form of argumentation is most often used among road ragers, drunks, and hillbillies (read rednecks) who may or may not be fond of guns. While this can be effective in an “oh crap, I better back down from this crazy person” kind of way, it can also be taken less seriously. It is seen, not as a good rebuttal of the stupid thing someone just said/did, but as a child throwing a temper tantrum. Not cute.

2. Moderately Effective: Obviously Irritated or Precisely Persuasive
These two go hand in hand as both being equally as effective in some ways and ineffective in others. The “Obviously Irritated” approach generally goes as follows: someone is dumb, you respond semi-calmly and with rational vocabulary that may contain some swear words (but they aren’t running quite as rampant as in approach #1), but you are quite obviously irritated. This  may not be as effective as  you tried to make it because it is simply a less intense version of #1. You may sound like you’re trying to be rational, but it isn’t working too well. The “Precisely Persuasive” people are interesting. This is the kind of argument that is well-structured, with impressive vocabulary, crafted arguments, and passivity. It is almost like an actual persuasive essay–effective except for the fact that you sound like an egghead. Also keep in mind–the insufferable fool to which your rebuttal is directed probably won’t understand anything you’re saying. Speaking slowly with smaller words is not only easier for them to comprehend, but can be more satisfying for you (and as an added bonus, it will infuriate your “opponent”).

3. The Most Effective: Calmly Sarcastic
As you may have guessed, this is my approach of choice. When someone says something utterly idiotic, I prefer to lay on the sarcasm like that road rager in #1 lays on the horn. However, it must be carefully done, or else you will seem like the “Obviously Irritated” arguer. With this form of comeback, you speak calmly and with seemingly no bias. It may include, and should include, large words (just not SAT egghead words). It is almost like the precise persuader, but not as meticulously crafted and with a clear opinion present, just not overwhelming. The sarcasm usually comes in at the end, where you can add in a “punchline” to make it clear you think they are moronic. This sort of response may look something like, “Well, sir/ma’am, thank you for sharing your riveting and important opinion. But it would be much appreciated if you would take your ignorance/negativity/etc. elsewhere.” and may end with something like “And I apologize of any of those words were too big for you” or “I realize it can be frustrating to live with fewer brain cells, but there are people who can get you the help you need” or something equally sassy. I also like to call this one “The Subtle Bitch”.

I hope you have made or will be able to make use of this carefully compiled guide. We all meet those out there who just are too insensitive or under developed to say anything intelligent, and that’s okay, as long as you know which approach to use in response. Find the one that works for you, and enjoy making people feel (more) ridiculous! And remember, forget the haters.

Submitted with undying love for,
biting sarcasm, devastating wit, and cutting edge sass,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

P.S. I promise I am a nice person.

For Ava, Wherever She May Be.

You may or may not already know the story of Ava Michelle Reinhard, a fifteen year old runaway. Ava has been missing since Wednesday, April 23, at around 8:30am. She left home and did not take her phone with her, and her plans (supposedly) are to train hop to California, specifically, we think, to Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park.  Ava has blonde hair (with her trademark rebellious red streak underneath) and blue eyes. She is 5’7” and was last seen wearing all black with a red, yellow, and green beanie. There is a Help Us Find Ava page on Facebook with over 2,500 likes and her story is being spread throughout the country. But despite all of the efforts to find her, Ava has evaded all attempts, and remains missing over 196 hours later.

If you have followed the story, you know Ava as a teenager with the above descriptions, as a girl whose family and friends desperately await her return, and as someone to keep an eye out for. Maybe you have liked the page, have shared her story with friends, have tweeted about it or shared it on Facebook, or maybe you will do so. But to you, she is, no matter how much anyone prays for her safety or comforts her family or sympathizes with the all too familiar story, a random teen runaway.

But to me, she is so much more.

Ava Reinhard is a very, very good friend of mine. I would even go so far as to say she is one of my best friends. To me she is a spontaneous rebel, a hilarious confidante, and one tough ass cookie. Despite everything she has been through (which is a lot), she is always willing to hear about your problems and cheer you up. (While Ava isn’t really one for advice, she will readily offer an F them to make you smile.) She’s always up for an adventure, she’s never afraid to do and say what she wants, and she could care less what you think. She embodies the carefree way I wish I could live my life.

Though she may never see this, this post is for my friend Ava. I hope you are enjoying your adventure, but I hope you come home eventually. I miss you more than you know.

Submitted with undying love for,
Ava Michelle Reinhard,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken


Hi friends!

I just wanted to take to the internet to say, if you have any ideas or anything you want to read about, leave me a comment OR email me at! I would love your feedback and requests for topics, posts, etc. So go on, put your thinking caps on!

Submitted with undying love for,
feedback from ya’ll, Passover (I’m Jewish, remember?), and the weekend,
I remain Madilyn Jayne Turken

A Disorganized Rant on Feminism

Greetings friends! Salutations! Long time, no post!

I decided, since I have had a super rough week, that a bit of a rant is in order. So in this fun little virtual rant, I will be discussing the under estimation and under appreciation of women. Yay! Feminism! I’m basic!

Now I generally do not identify as a feminist, but I was having a discussion earlier with a friend of mine about it, and I have decided that you will put up with my temporary feminist rant, dammit! (Or, you will become annoyed with me and turn off your computer. Either one.)

If you have read the About Me tab on this blog, you have noticed that I love theater. I am super involved in theater at my school, but I don’t just act, I also do technical theater even more. I am on construction crew, so I build sets and move set pieces during scene changes in the show. In case you are wondering, no, our sets are not made of cardboard, Scotch tape, and Elmer’s glue. They are made of wood that we cut with a variety of large electric saws and put together with drills and screws. Sometimes we use metal, foam, and other materials and sometimes we use real drywall like in your house. Sets can often be 16 feet or so high. My point? It’s pretty legit.

So construction crew is made up of mostly males, with a pretty good amount of females, but I am one of only a few really dedicated girls on crew. Furthermore, although this is my eighth show on construction crew and I am one of two heads of the crew, a boy could come along for his first time on crew and it may as well be his twentieth. Girls are given easier jobs and it is assumed that we are incapable of doing anything requiring physical labor. Need to lift something? Oh gee, we better find some guys to do it! Wouldn’t want to have these sweet little girls pulling a muscle or something! Oh, you need a job? Um, why don’t you just help me hold this or go paint that. This is far too much work for you. I’m just trying to look out for you!


Here’s a headline: girls are just as capable, if not more capable, as boys in every subject area. Sure, maybe boys can occasionally bulk up more, play football better, lift more weight, and/or climb the rope higher in gym class. But if girls decided to work out as much or work on their strength training like guys did, we could just as easily do the exact same things.

The point is, if a girl is willing to help you lift that heavy thing, let her freaking lift it! Give her all the hard jobs! She is perfectly willing and able to do something and to be useful. You are not better. You are not stronger. There is no secret man quota that we missed.

I know it seems like I am just spewing hatred and indignation, which in a way, I am. But I think that despite all “progress” we have made towards “equality”, men are still appreciating women only for their sexiness. But we are strong, independent women who don’t need no men!

So, the next time you are about to under estimate and/or under appreciate a girl, don’t. Do not, under any circumstances, baby her. You are equals. And yes, I would like to lift that.

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